Le Mark MagTape® Xtra™ Matt Gaffer Tape

Le Mark MagTape® Xtra™ Matt Gaffer Tape

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A value matt finish gaffer tape. Still retaining the usual elements of hand tear, and a good level of flexibility.  This product also comes with a high strength adhesive for those extra demanding applications. 


    Anti-Reflection Coating
    A satin-matt, low reflection surface. Ideal for use in professional TV, film & theatre.

    Durable 76 Mesh Construction
    A durable 76 mesh construction offers good levels of durability.

    Performance Adhesive
    With a bit more ‘bite’ that our standard MagTape® Original & MagTape® Matt 500 adhesives, and short term resistance to low temperatures (please refer to our technical data sheet for full information), this is an excellent all-round performing gaffer tape.

    Water Resistant Coating
    The polyethylene coating helps to repel water from the surface of the tape.

    NEW: Now available in 5 fluorescent colours
    Adding some colour to the range, MagTape® Xtra Matt is now available in Fluorescent yellow, green, orange, blue and pink. Glowing under artificial UV/black light this tape is becoming widely used to identify stage points and prop marks in theatres, touring products and set/scenery construction. Recommended for short terms use as exposure to UV, especially sunlight may cause colour fading. The fluorescent tone is very difficult to accurately capture on video/photo and may vary to what’s shown. If you require a specific colour, please request a sample.